TV advertising is like a good breakfast for your brand – it’s the best possible start you can give to your business.

Having an online presence is a means of giving you consistent sales – and TV advertising is a much more effective means of getting large volumes of people searching for your brand.

Whilst Search Engine Optimisation, (SEO) is useful for directing people to your business when the search for your products, it is more ideal to have prospective clients and customers searching for your company name.

The process

It all starts with an idea, which is scripted and storyboarded – a message fit into a bottle of 20 – 30 seconds. The finished script is then submitted to clearcast to ensure suitability for broadcast – if it is rejected, the process re-starts from scratch, and the script is changed until it is accepted for broadcast.

The next step is to choose a broadcaster – choosing a geographical area focuses the advertising on parts of the UK where your sales might be low – or where most of your business is based. You also need to choose which channels to advertise on based upon your branding. We would advise anybody planning on advertising to look at the viewing statistics provided by BARB – which give a strong indication as to which audience watches which channel, what are the most popular times to broadcast – and so on.

A hassle-free process

We handle the shoot, editing and post production, contacting clearcast, and we also deal with the broadcasters – leaving you to come up with an idea, and otherwise carry on as normal.


Prices vary between broadcasters – but it’s free for us to get you a quote. Either tell us your budget, or which broadcaster you know your clients are most likely to watch – we will contact the broadcasters and negotiate the best prices they have to offer.

Tailored to budget

Whether you’re advertising on ITV, or a community TV channel – such as Made in Leeds/Bristol/Cardiff – we produce engaging adverts which sum up your business in anywhere between 10 and 30 seconds.

You could spend £5000 – including production costs – on regional ITV advertising – which includes x12 four second slots, or spend £600 on adverts on the ‘Made in…’ network, which includes x25 thirty second slots.

The bigger the broadcaster, the more your brand is seen – or go with a community channel which has a more interactive and accessible feel. It depends on who you are marketing to, and how creative your campaign is.