Media Transfer is the process of digitising and transferring VHS, Video 8 or DV and convert them for playback in any format, for use on any modern device. As a rule, if you still have any of the aforementioned formats, it means they are probably very important to you. We can put your old films are of family memories, business or teaching seminars onto DVD or other modern formats. This enables you to playback your old films on modern HDTVs, laptops, tablets and phones – and beyond.

If you require editing in addition to transfer, tell us what you require, and we can give you a tailored quote.

We use a standard design which you can see in the video opposite – and at an additional cost we also offer custom designs for your DVDs as well.

We offer this service to everywhere in the UK via post or online, and you can email or phone to tell us about your requirements.

Price list:

1 Tape
Average time to complete: 24 hours based on 1 hour long tapes.
2-3 Tapes
Average time to complete: 24 to 48 hours, based on 1 hour long tapes.
4-5 Tapes
Average time to complete: 3-5 days, based on 1 hour long tapes.
More than 6 tapes
Ask us for pricing
We'll tell you how long it will take to complete when we quote.

Our prices include up to three DVDs. Should you require more DVDs, simply let us know when you arrange the media transfer, and we will let you know how much additional DVDs will cost. As a rule, we tend to add £10 for x5 DVDs.

Add £5 to your order for cloud storage, complete with unlimited access by yourself and anybody else you give the details to.